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Areas of Expertise

Low Cost Inputs In Tropical And Organic Agriculture: Agronomic and sourcing advice.

Certified organic herb, spice, essential oil, cereals and pulses seed and planting material supply and crop production advice.

Soil Conservation And Improvement Programmes: Soil erosion is widely recognised as a problem in tropical agriculture. With climate change and increasingly “tropical” storm intensities now being experienced in temperate regions, soil erosion is now widely evident in Europe. There is as yet very little awareness in temperate regions of the problem, and practically no measures are being taken to counter erosion. Our expertise has been developed in the tropics over many years, and can assist farmers and regulatory agencies to protect the soil resource base.

Crop production and processing guides and advice: Advice and publications available for a wide range of crops under Organic management. Processing and post-harvest information and advice for pest control in the fields and in storage- insect, microbial, and mycotoxin controls. Reduction in microbiological loads through steam treatment.

Preparation For Organic And Other Quality Assurance Certification.

Market Studies And Business Planning.

Organic Maize Zimbabwe

Organic Maize Zimbabwe - grown using Low Cost Inputs - Rock Phosphate Sunnhemp etc